South Ural State Medical University

State educational institution of higher professional education "Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy of Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development" was founded on July 1, 1944 on the basis of reevacuated Kiev Medical Institute (in accordance with the Order of the People's Commissariat of the USSR on June 29, 1944).

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This is a large higher education institution under federal authority, one of the prestigious medical academies of the Russian Federation with a powerful system of profound and clinical medical education. The university is implementing a multi-level, continuous training system of specialists with higher medical, pharmaceutical and liberal arts education from comprehensive secondary schools to doctorate.

South Ural State Medical University

South Ural State Medical University

ChelSMA trains personnel for practical public health of the Southern Urals, Trans-Urals, the Republic of Tyva, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. More than 4,000 students study at the academy. ChelSMA graduates work successfully in many cities in the Urals Federal District and Russia, near and far abroad countries.
The academy has trained over 23,000 health professionals for the 66 years period.

Pre-University Education Faculty

training gives academy graduates the opportunity to continue their education in the internship and clinical residency free of charge. It is necessary to become a board-certified specialist . Postgraduate training in clinical internship is provided in 25 specialties, the training in clinical residency is provided in 48 specialties.
Doctors can get additional post-professional education in 33 majors and primary professional specialization in 27 majors at extension courses

Annually, more than 1,000 doctors and nurses with higher education take general and specialized advanced training courses and post-professional retraining.

Together with the medical college advanced training for health care workers with secondary education was arranged.

Medical College with daytime and evening form of training in four specialties: basic and advanced level of training (1999).

Within the structure of the academy there are 59 departments and optional courses, Central Research Laboratory, Research Institute of Immunology, Diagnostic & Consultation Centre, Scientific Library, Teaching Resource Center, a department of educational facilities and computerization, Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, Publication Service, Practical Skills Training Center, Medical Simulation Centre.

Training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff is provided through postgraduate courses in 24 specialties. The Doctorate degree is given in two specialties. Three thesis defense committees work at the academy.

Six faculties of Chelyabinsk state medical academy:

  • Medical faculty (1944),
  • Pediatric faculty (1970),
  • Faculty of social work, higher nursing education and management (evening (1996) and correspondence (1999) forms of training)
  • Dentistry faculty (2000)
  • Disease Prevention faculty (since 2000)
  • Pharmaceutical faculty (2005).


The faculty of the ChelSMA includes 600 teachers. Among them there are outstanding workers: Y.M. Zakharov - academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), A.V. Vazhenin, I.I. Dolgushin, V.L. Kovalenko - corresponding members of RAMS; 99 doctors of medical sciences and 305 candidates of medical sciences, 10 honored scientists of Russian Federation, 2 honored workers of Higher School of Russia, 11 honored doctors of Russia.