Tips for Students

About 5000 Indian students are currently enrolled in various medical and technical institutions in the Russian Federation. 99% of them are pursuing Medical studies in about 20 Academies spread over the country.

  • Recognition of institutions

    All the Russian medical colleges/University empaneled under the WHO list (World Directory of Medical Schools) are recognized by the Medical Council of India. (for raja- Put Link of our website of world directory of medical schools)
  • Seeking admission in foreign medical institutions

    Indian students, who seek admission in foreign medical institutions, are required to take a `No Objection’ certificate from the Medical Council of India. It is mandatory for all their certificates and mark sheets (Class X onwards) to be Apostle. Apostle of certificates is done at Patiala House, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Admission Process in Russian medical institutions

    While it is possible, in principle, for students to apply directly for admission, most Russian medical institutions have appointed `contractors’ for recruiting students from different countries and insist on using this channel for admission. Most universities prefer to work through the `contractors’ for provision of hostel facilities, general welfare of the students, and even collecting fee. This is ostensibly for the convenience of students, who are new to the environment and do not speak the local language. These `contractors’ have their sub-agents in India. In many cases, senior Indian students themselves function as contractors and agents
  • Transfer from one institution to another

    While transfer from one institution to another is possible, many students find it very difficult due to various legal procedures. Since the visa invitation for students is issued by a particular university to which admission is sought, any student wishing to transfer to a different university will have to first return to his country of origin and seek a fresh invitation from that university. Such transfers are generally discouraged by the Russian Ministry of Health, whose permission is needed for more than one transfer. There are cases, where the transfer students are given visa invitations by concerned university, but had to return home without admission because of the denial of permission by the Ministry. It is, therefore, advisable to select the university carefully before seeking admission.
  • Safe custody of Passports and original certificates

    Passport and original certificates are the property of the concerned student and should not be given to either contractors or any other foreign authorities for safe custody. No one has any authority to take away passports. Students must always keep their passports with them. Police officials can demand to see the passport, visa and registration at any time. Any foreigner coming into the Russian Federation needs to register within a period of seven days. The University concerned or `contractor’ generally takes care of the registration process for foreign students.